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"WELCOME TO BINGO" - 1989 Short Film Starring Ithaka


MOVIE: Welcome To Bingo

Written and directed by: Ted Crittenden for his final project at:
Loyola Marymount University - Film Division- 1989


ithaka darin pappas
jason steiner
charles erikson
beth depatie
t. scotty doherty


Two down and out Mojave Desert gas station attendants
Dick Kennedy (Ithaka) and Danny Boy (Jason Steiner)
dream of seeing Las Vegas, a mere three hours away.
The only thing stopping them is Kennedy's broken-down
Camaro and the jealous ex-boyfriend of Kennedy's
pregnant girlfriend, Claire

Friday, September 26, 2014

Ithaka: as featured on Meet Joe TV - 2014

"If you're doing artwork based on nature,

I think it's really important to be out in the nature itself.

A person, an artist, they become what they think about most...

what they surround themselves with most.

Just being out here in this environment, in this jungle environment,

I'm kind of slowly becoming a piece of the nature itself.

My artwork is reflecting all of that.

And unifying yourself with nature itself as an artist

it has the potential the destroy you.

My philosophy on art is...instead of trying to cerebralize everything,

it's to change your life and the art will change automatically.

Just being out here, working out here in nature, 

it's made me realize some new passions that I've never really

even thought twice about my entire life...specifically insects.

My name is Ithaka. I'm an audio-visual eco-expressionist 

and nature lover."

Ithaka - AkahtiLândia, Brazil

Ithaka on Meet Joe TV

Monday, September 8, 2014

Ithaka Exhibit: City Life: Greed, Hunger and Loss

               Fine Arts

City  Life:  Greed,  Hunger and  Loss

By M. Jordan

Special to the Asahi Evening News

   The work now being shown at Galerie YMA in Tokyo, is that of photographer/sculptor, Ithaka.  Although these two mediums seem at first glance to be separate entities, these photos show that the two seem to go hand in hand.  The photographs are a journey into the mysteries of emotions.  When looking at them you cannot help but get caught up into the feelings they conjure; happiness, remorsefulness, confusion unknowingness, mournfulness.
 Ithaka enables the viewer to take a look into the world (perhaps his own hermetic world) of bottled up emotions.  His work is truly personal, his subjects are close friends of his, yet one doesn't feel left out when viewing them.
  Ithaka began assisting photographers at a very young age and shortly thereafter went out on his own.  He has shot photographs for nearly every fashion magazine including, Vogue, Elle and Glamour, and has also shot the record covers for many bands.  The problem for Ithaka was that working specific photograph jobs compromised him from the start.  He began doing sculptures as a way to take a break from the rigors of the job.
   The sculptures used in the photos are cut and restructured surfboards.  All have taken on a new form as well as a new life, displaying the forms of the human body (usually female) as well as Ithaka's own creations.  Before restrictions had been placed on him as to how he could shoot his photos; he had been forced to take a back seat.  Now what he was yearning for was to create his own type of photographs.  He son began to fuse the two mediums, hence coining his own term "sculptography."
   Although Ithaka (Ithaka darin Pappas) was born and raised in Los Angeles, the city proved to have too strong of an impact on his work.  Los Angeles was too overbearing; and he no longer wanted to struggle against the Los Angeles mindset that declares its self to be the center of the globe.  This Los Angeles mindset is perfectly encapsulated in his sculptures shown in this exhibit, entitled "Greed, Hunger, Loss," all representing aspects typical of any metropolis.
   His photos also show the lost feelings that are hard to recover when living in a big city, yet they always remind us of why this loss occurs.  Lying peacefully stretched out in the sand we are mesmerized by the serenity of "Joni by the Sea," yet down below the rocky cliff reality sets in showing what the city is all about--we see a Mercedes and a Lamborghini on the highway below.  Our illusion is shattered and we are immediately pulled back into the present.
 Ithaka 's search for eternal well being has led him to Lisbon, Portugal where he is now based.  Portugal offers him a new outlook on life,.  According to Ithaka, "life here is more simple, when you're in a place like this -- life is about you and the people around you, not the world at large."  One has to wonder where this new exploration will now take him, or us.

Works by Ithaka at Galerie YMA
(03-3562-0007 on Suzurandori in Ginza near Ginza subway station through Oct.7. 
The gallery is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ithaka: SO GET UP (Ith's Brain Boiler Mix) 2014

Twentieth anniversary re-record of SO GET UP.

I originally recorded this vocal/lyric as a B-side
of a single for Underground Sound Of Lisbon in 1994.

They went on to have massive success with it,
and for some reason thought it was not important to credit me
with vocals and lyrics. Small overlook.

This version was recorded at Coffin Alley Studios - California
in the summer of 2014.

SO GET UP - Brain Boiler Mx

Sunday, August 17, 2014

"Artists Join the Line Up" by Daniella Walsh

source: laguna beach independent august 14th 2014

Artists Join the Line Up

Dave Hobrecht and his fiancée Carly Squires with the artist’s Kelly Slater-inspired board. Photo courtesy of Bobby Z
Dave Hobrecht and his fiancée Carly Squires with the artist’s Kelly Slater-inspired board. Photo courtesy of Bobby Z
It’s not often that one sees an entire surfboard embedded in a framed canvas, but sports artist Dave Hobrecht has done just that before drawing and painting the image of legendary surfer Kelly Slater riding roiling waters on the assemblage.
“For this project I really wanted a board ridden by Kelly Slater, but I was told repeatedly that Kelly simply did not give away his boards,” said Hobrecht. “And then, I got the board after all,” he explained happily.
Even so, the 5 foot 10 inch board shaped by Al Merrick was too small to do his concept justice. Instead, Hobrecht decided to surround the board with canvas and a frame that echoes the board’s curvature. It is meant to be free standing since the wax Slater rubbed on the board’s deck is still visible.
Hobrecht’s work is one of 28 surfboards created by locally acclaimed board shapers and fine artists for “Surfboards on Parade,” charity benefit planned in Huntington Beach in October. During August’s First Thursday Art Walk, visitors to his Laguna Beach gallery, Hobrecht Sports Art, could admire a few of the charity boards including one by the marine artist Wyland.
Artist Wade Koniakowsky with the Polynesian theme board he created with well-known shaper Bill Stewart.  Photo courtesy of Bobby Z
Artist Wade Koniakowsky with the Polynesian theme board he created with well-known shaper Bill Stewart. Photo courtesy of Bobby Z
Of those present, artists had embellished them with images ranging from legendary surfers to sharks and a replica of an Andy Warhol portrait of Marilyn Monroe.
Hobrecht’s work will join all the others this weekend in a citywide display in Huntington Beach through Aug. 17. A walking map can be found on
Thereafter, the creations can be viewed at the Shorebreak Hotel, the Hyatt Regency and the Waterfront Beach Resort, which will host the Oct. 11 gala and art auction.
Organizers hope that the Wyland board, shaped by Tim Stamps, will fetch $25,000, an average going price. Hobrecht’s board, given its illustrious history, might bring twice as much, promoters suggest.
Hoag Hospital, noted for its cancer institute and work with skin cancer patients, is the most prominent beneficiary of the gala, founded by the Rotary Club of Huntington Beach. Others include the Huntington Beach Art Center and the International Surfing Museum.
Contributing artists range from Dana Point to Mata Atlantica, Brazil. That’s where artist Ithaka spends half of each year photographing endangered insects. “It is a bio-diverse hotspot where I keep a studio and one that inspires my work,” he said.
His brilliant blue moth made from recycled surfboards reflects the seemingly otherworldly creatures he has photographed. His “Lazulius Tinnea” can currently be found at the Main Street Wine Company on Main Street in Huntington.
Artists and shapers are donating time, effort and materials. For some, the collaboration pushed them into new territory.
Another artist’s work on display inside Hobrecht’s gallery.  Photo courtesy of Kevin Ashford
Another artist’s work on display inside Hobrecht’s gallery. Photo courtesy of Kevin Ashford
For example, artist Wade Koniakowsky, of Carlsbad, teamed up with board shaper Bill Stewart, owner of Stewart Surfboards in San Clemente. They switched their usual roles.
“We tossed a coin, and I got the mine and Wade got the shaft, meaning I got to paint the deck and Wade got the underside,” quipped Stewart, noting that they became close friends 15 years ago when they swapped a surfboard for a painting. His nine-foot board, replicating those ridden in Hawaii and featuring a lovely wahine surrounded by water and flora, he values at $25,000.
“Painting the board came naturally since I do a lot of figurative art based on Polynesian culture,”explained Koniakowsky.
Roy Gonzales delves into the cartoon art subculture in his tribute to Hawaiian surfing legend Montgomery “Buttons”Kaluhiokalani. The Stinger surfboard was created by Duke Aipa and further symbolizes the symbiotic connection between the Hawaii and California surf scene. Gonzales describes the Stinger as a wider, lower gravity board that is easier to maneuver and that inspired the invention of skateboards. “I have donated boards before to charity. It is a great opportunity to reach out into communities, especially kids,”he said.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Songwriter, Ithaka, Photographed by Rita Carmo in Almada, Portugal

Portrait of Ithaka in Almada, Portugal in 1998 by  Rita Carmo for her debut photography book "Altas-Luzes" (with words by Francisco Miguel Cadete). The book was published by Assíro B Alvim in 2003 in association with Blitz Magazine.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Checking Out Ithaka's Newest Release - [ review]

Are you doing in life what you was meant to?
Are you doing in life what you was sent to?
Are you living the life that you wanna live?
Are you living your life in a way to win?

--Ithaka from "The Life You Wanna Live?" (Saltwater Nomad)

Are you doing in life what you was meant to?
Are you doing in life what you was sent to?
Are you living the life that you wanna live?
Are you living your life in a way to win?

--Ithaka from "The Life You Wanna Live?" (Saltwater Nomad)

The Chinese philosopher, Confucius once said that a wise man doesn't feel the need to differentiate between work or hobby. And more importantly he doesn't feel the need to reveal to others whether or not he is working or playing.

Observing from distance at the effortless way the multi-artistic Ithaka (aka Darin Pappas) traverses at ease between all of his chosen mediums of expression; [music, sculpture, writing and photography] it appears his life's journey is a soulful balancing act somewhere between the worlds of euphoric creation and aquatic diversion. But on closer inspection, looking at the expertise and attention to detail of any Ithaka project, it becomes evident the man is getting down to first-degree serious business, even if he himself isn't aware of it.
orn in southern California, the hip hop visionary and visual expressionist spent his early youth surfing LA and Orange Counties, but soon began his global wanderings - not only in pursuit of higher quality waves but of profound cultural experiences, both shore side and deep in the cities. For Ithaka, marriage of surf and street comes naturally.

Listen to a track from Ithaka's Album, Saltwater Nomad.
After long blocks of time in Greece, Japan and other exotic locales, Ith arrived in Portugal in July of 1992 with a surfboard, wetsuit, Nikon FE camera and very little else. In addition to sampling the region's wealth of epic surf and making friends, he started exhibiting his photographs, creating new sculptures, publishing his short stories, and even began working as a radio host on a national music program. He left the region six years later with two studio albums under his belt and nine Portuguese Grammy nominations. An unlikely place to start an international music career, but Ithaka has not only been influenced by his many Siddharthian journeys, he has become a product of them. And he doesn't exactly reinvent himself at each intercontinental stop along the path, he merely keeps adding layers, carpet-bagging along the way newly learned skills and infinite wealth of mental archeology, the bases for most of his songs, stories and visuals. But even though global as they come as a human being, artist and surfer, he'll be the first to tell you it's not necessary to go far away to get away. He says,

It's all about perception.
How you look at things.
How you absorb things.
Some of the wisest
and most interesting people
I've ever met have barely even
left their home state.
It¹s about breaking routine

And breaking routine is what Ithaka and his bag of tricks is all about. In contrast to his last audio work, Recorded in Rio (a melodic, mostly live-instrument hip hop album released in 2004), the new cd, SALTWATER NOMAD, his fifth full-length, goes to the polar opposite and is largely an electronic production. Recorded in Brazil with producer Tito Gomes, the two serve up twelve clean, bumping, minimalist hip hop story-songs.

Vocal-wise, Ithaka's fluid punctuality can be considered in outstanding company like Everlast, Michael Franti and the late Tupac. And although sonically, Saltwater Nomad will be considered a pop/rap record, lyrically don't expect generic Pimp & Ho/22"-rim/gansta-stylin' references. Ith successfully personalizes the genre, using it as a soundtrack for his straight-up, no bullshit, autobiographical story-telling, walking new ground across subjects like spirituality, global politics, nostalgia, lust, immigration, positive thinking, diabolic roommates (comedy), the intricate complexities of long lasting boy/girl unity and his passion of choice, wave-riding. All scribed with the Ithman's patented crafty, post-Beat Generation urban lyricism.

Breaking routine is what Ithaka and his bag of tricks is all about.
I ride since I was a small fry
Sine the day mammy multiplied
I ride to keep my soul alive
I'll ride until the day, the day that I die
I ride 'cuz I like the view from the tube
I ride 'cuz I like the color blue
I ride to keep my mojo intact
So I got the goods to deliver
When my baby gets back

Ithaka's music has been featured in several surfing films (including the award winning, Timmy Turner's Second Thoughts), and the hit basketball video game NBA 2K7. His hip-hop classic, "Escape From The City Of Angels"? appeared in Columbia Picture's feature film, The Replacement Killers.

For more info see:

Saltwater Nomad (and other Ithaka releases) may be purchased at:

A major retrospective from Ithaka's body of sculpture work entitled, The Reincarnation Of A Surfboard (1989 until present) is currently being shown at the prestigious WOA gallery in Lisbon, Portugal.