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"SO GET UP" (1993 Demo) - Very rare 1993 demo version of the iconic electronic dance music vocal-poem "So Get Up". This lyric was originally written and recorded by Ithaka (aka: Ithaka Darin Pappas) in January 1993 for a RĂ¡dio Comercial Program in Lisbon.

In March of 1993, this Demo version was recorded in Manchester, United Kingdom with producer Simon Bradshaw. And later, in February of 1994, Ithaka was invited to rerecord the poem for the B-Side of the first vinyl release of Underground Sound Of Lisbon on Kaos Records, Portugal. It was an almost instant national hit and soon released (along with an acapella version) internationally by Tribal (USA), a subsidiary of Stuart Copeland's IRS Records in New York.

Interestingly, although the poem was written and vocalized by Ithaka a year before ever meeting Underground Sound Of Lisbon, no public vocal credit was included on those first releases.

The USL version and the new remixes by Junior Vazquez and Danny Tenaglia were quite popular themselves (selling at least 50,000 units) but because an acapella was included in these major distributions, literally hundreds of new mixes appeared in just a few years. Many producers simply changed the title (sometimes not) and put the entire vocal on their own instrumentals and called it their own.

The vocal acapella has also been released under the titles; "Get Up", "Get Up Go Insane", "So Get Up Atom Bride", "The End Of the Earth", "Next Life", "See You In The Next Life", "Intro", "Headcharge" and "Hardventure"

The vocal itself has never had a sonic style specifically associated with it, it has kept changing it's clothes and modernizing itself with the times.

The spoken-word acapella was originally read on-air on top of an instrumental version of a Naughty-By-Nature hip hop song, and this UK demo version is a mid-tempo electro-style track,. The vocal never had a sonic style specifically associated with it,
it has kept changing it's clothes and modernizing itself with the times.

The USL, Tenaglia and Junior Vazquez versions were progressive and tribal house

And since then have versions have appeared in almost every avenue of global electronic music such as; Trance, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Big Beat, Trip Hop, Tech House, Electronic Art Rock etc.

Groups, producers and DJs that have released So Get Up inculude; Derek Marin, Peter Bailey, Pagano, Ben Gold, Eric Kupper, Cosmic Gate, Armin Van Buuren, Ricardo Diaz, Nixu Zsun, Oxia (France), Mert Yucel (Turkey), Igor Carmo (Portugal), Miss Kittin (Germay), Public Domain (Holland), Fat Boy Slim (Norman Cook) UK, Stretch & Verne (UK), Lexington Avenue, Damage People, Mirabeau, Ma-Beckerfield, FuturePlays (from Mexico), Dj Screw (Thailand), Djz Rom (Cambodia), Technoboy (Italy), Frankyeffe (Italy), Maik Ibane, Murt Yucel (Turkey), Mowree (Italy), Razat (Portugal), Tuneboy (Italy), K-Traxx (Italy), Dylan Hilsley (UK), DJ Vibe, Cee Cee Lee (Italy), Alex Di Stefano, etc etc etc.

As of 2016, with a staggering 1129 documented and released mixes, So Get Up is considered "The Most Remixed Vocal Acapella In Musical History" by the Guinness World Records.

"So Get Up" © 1993 Ithaka Darin Pappas
Published by Ravenshark Music/Scion Four Music (NY)/ASCAP

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