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"Turquoise Waves" contemporary sculpture by California artist, Ithaka

"Turquoise Waves"
By artist: Ithaka (Ithaka Darin Pappas)

from the series Aliens Of AkahtiLândia,

of the ongoing body of work entitled, 

The Reincarnation Of A Surfboard

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Born in California, multi-faceted visual artist, global wanderer and naturalist, Ithaka, first began experimenting with photography at the age of 5. By his late-teens, he was doing freelance magazine assignments for publications such as Thrasher Skateboarding.
During his early twenties he found regular work as a photographer in the West Coast music industry photographing hip hop artists such as NWA (Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Eazy E). Also during this period, living in Los Angeles, he began sculpting - primarily using discarded surfboards as his raw material of choice.
His own search for self-expression gradually distanced him from the more commercial applications of photographic work and he began exhibiting both his personal photographs and sculptures (often together) and began traveling extensively.
During the 90's, he relocated several times: Athens (six months), Tokyo (one year), Lisbon (six years) and in 2001 visited Brazil for the first time. Where, for a decade, he has divided his time between Southern California and a rural part of the state of São Paulo. And finally after more than half a year in Mexico, he has finally returned to reside in Southern California
As both a life-long surfer and a connoisseur of urban culture, Ithaka has long had an inner-conflict of city vs. nature. His influences have often been divided between the two worlds, but it's been there in Brazil his love for the wilderness has grown substantially. His new found passion for the jungle, and all of its mysteries, has become the dominant influence in all aspects of his visual work.

Ithaka – (born 1966 Anaheim, California)
Solo Exhibits:

2015 F+ Gallery - "Aliens From AkahtiLândia" (Sculpture, Painting and Photography)

2013 Hurley International Headquarters in Costa Mesa, California (Sculpture, Painting and Photography)

2012 Gallery WOA: Way Of Arts - Cascais, Portugal (Sculpture, Video & Photography)

2011 Nike Posto 5.0 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (sculpture)

2010 The Camp - Costa Mesa, California (sculpture, photography)

2010 Gallery Alma Do Mar - São Paulo, Brazil (sculpture. photography)

2008 Clash - Lisbon, Portugal (sculpture)

2007 Gallery WOA: Way Of Arts - Estoril, Portugal (sculpture)

2000 International Surfing Museum - Huntington Beach California (sculpture)
1998 Gallery Ze Dos Bois "Quality_Time: Part One" - Lisbon, Portugal (photography, text, performance)

1996 IPJ: Instituto Portuguesa Da Juventude "UMBILICUS" - Lisbon, Portugal(photography)

1995 Universidade Moderna - Lisbon, Portugal (sculpture)

1992 Gallery YMA -Tokyo, Japan (sculpture, photography)

1990 Pepperdine University – Los Angeles, California (sculpture)

Group Art Exhibits:
             2016 Surfboards On Parade
2014 Surfboards On Parade - Huntington Beach, California
2014 "Azores Wave Week - Ponta Delgado, São Miguel Island, Portugal
2013 McNamara Gallery - Nazaré, Portugal
2013 Sagres Surf Culture - Sagres, Portugal
2010 Oca Do Ibirapuera - São Paulo, Brazil
2007 Oca Do Ibirapuera - São Paulo, Brazil
2003 111 Minna Gallery - San Francisco, California
1999 Photo Impact Gallery - Los Angeles, California
1992 NICAF: Nippon International Contemporary Art Fair - Yokohama, Japan
             1990 Zero One Gallery Los Angeles

   Book Appearances
           2012 "Stop, Think, Go, Do: How Typography and Graphic Design Influence Behavior"
           Ithaka's photo series Umbilicus featured in book by Steven Heller, Mirko Ilic (Rockport publishers)

           2004 BELONG: A TV Journalist's Search for Urban Culture by Jennifer Morton (Canada)
           2003 ALTAS-LUZES - by Rita Carmo & Miguel Cadete (Portugal)
           2000 THE END OF PRINT by David Carson (graphic designer) (USA)

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