Sunday, February 17, 2013

"THE FORGOTTEN FOUR" a short-story by Ithaka

One of the most euphoric days in my entire life…
eating fish and gulping down wine and firewater 
with nineteen kindred souls in the Garden of Eden.

I never return to places I’ve experienced real magic. 
And after only a couple of days on Atalaia Island, 
I already knew that I’d never be going back there.

You never know if it’s the place itself that’s incredibly special, 
or that small envelope in time you spend there. 

You walk around through life  
with these amazing Technicolor memories 
(it’s all we really have in the end) 
and if you go back and it’s not the same, 
it destroys all the wonder and perfection preceding.

by ithaka ©2002- from the short-story entitled,  The Forgotten Four (published in Water Magazine - USA)

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