Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"VIOLET WAVES" (Ondas Violetas) By The Artist, Ithaka

"VIOLET WAVES" (or Ondas Violetas) a new recycled surfboard sculpture by contemporary artist and songwriter, Ithaka for his project The Reincarnation Of A Surfboard.


The Reincarnation Of A Surfboard

In 1989, while living in the Miracle Mile district of Los Angeles, Ithaka began one of the major art projects of his life, The Reincarnation Of A Surfboard. This is a large body of contemporary sculpture work created using garbaged surfboards as raw building material and recycling them into wall-hanging modern art pieces. The series to date, which is said to contain an estimated three hundred full-sized sculptures, has been exhibited on four continents and featured in hundreds of magazines and on many TV features. The most recent solo exibition of these works was hosted by WOA: Way Of Arts in Cascais, Portugal in December of 2012. He has been active with this medium continuously since its inception and all in every area he has had residence; Japan, Greece, Portugal and Brazil - in additional individual pieces made in Mexico.

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